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RateSetter break £100million mark

August 27th, 2013
RateSetter has today passed the £100million mark in the loans it has arranged.  This is a phenominal achievement and only the only other two companies to achieve this are Zopa and Funding Circle. more »

Zopa drop 1 year loans (again)

August 17th, 2013
Zopa have announced they are dropping 1 year loans again.  These loans were originally dropped by Zopa as they were uncompetitive for borrowers, despite some lenders favouring them.  They were brought back at the start of this year, but by Zopa's admiss… more »

ThinCats join P2P Finance Association

July 13th, 2013
ThinCats, the fourth biggest peer-to-peer company by loans arranged, has joined the P2P Finance Association, a trade body setup by Zopa, Funding Circle and RateSetter. Between these four companies, they have arranged over 97% of all peer-to-peer loans,… more »

Zopa close non-Safeguard lending offers

July 5th, 2013
Zopa launched Safeguard back in May 2013, and they have now taken the decision to withdraw all non-Safeguard lending offers from 11th July.  This change isn't a surprise as non-Safeguard lenders found that their funds weren't getting any matches. Here… more »

RateSetter and Zopa win Moneywise awards

June 15th, 2013
RateSetter and Zopa were winners in the Moneywise customer service awards.  RateSetter won the overall award for Most Trusted Specialist, and Zopa continued their previous success by winning the Most Trusted Loan Provider for the 4th year in a row. Pee… more »