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DevonshireDozerNot sure I agree. I can see how it might translate into benefits for the lenders' managements but not much else.

Every time governments meddle, spreading the taxpayers' money around with gay abandon, things get worse for most of us. As far as I can see, the dimwits that rule us take our wads, peel some off for themselves (MPs salaries, expenses, Whitehall Mandarins' mega-wages & perks etc.) & give what's left to a few of their friends. These chums then take some for themselves and waste the residue on lost causes or give it, in turn, to their pals. Later they might get gongs, quango appointments or even become government ministers & advisers. So the wheel turns . . .

My main concern is that the government might get better terms than the rest of us & we are at risk of being marginalised. Something similar has happened to so many small shareholders have been in the past. The disgraceful shenanigans at what used to be LloydsTSB is a good example. Of course, given the governments general negotiating ability in the past (for instance, at the MoD), they won't have read the small print. Doubtless there will be large penalties payable to such as Goldman Sachs at some point.

It would have been better to have given generous tax breaks to individuals lending via authorised & regulated P2P lenders. Simple, quick, easy & probably put a lot more money out there. So it'll never happen!
14/12/12 @ 08:02