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Comment from: Daniel Rajkumar [Visitor] Email
Daniel RajkumarThanks for sharing this.

To give readers a performance update, we're now 6% funded. I have had a lot of interest on the forums which make for interesting reading.

We're close to having successfully funded £250k and forecast to have funded £1m by the end of June.

We're also developing some exciting strategic relationships - soon to be announced.

Dan Rajkumar
21/04/13 @ 12:04
Comment from: J Robertson at Veganline.com [Visitor] Email
J Robertson at Veganline.comThe pitch valued the company by hours worked, which is a good system but not great for investors anticipated expansion seems out of proportion.

What it does do is emhasise that investors would to better lending on Rebuildingsociety than investing in it! As a rival investor, it pains me to encourage competition. But the current DIY wordpress site is as bad as my own, or nearly as bad, with long routes to vital pages and wonky letter spacing which both put lenders off. The problem is so bad that loans have to be re-advertised and come round again because of low or expensive take-up.

-investors welcome
-rival lenders welcome too
21/04/13 @ 17:16