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Comment from: Geoff [Visitor] Email
GeoffWhile there's no independent regulator of P2P, I think it is vital that Ratesetters (& other p2p's) provide complete information on their websites.

The Ratesetters website offers no link (that I could find) to this independant Trust which holds this provisional fund. The details offered seem sparse


Surely the Ratesetter site needs to offer a link to this trust, so we can see the trust's objects or articles? Ratesetter's site (or a link to the Trust) needs to show who the trustees are and show their independent to the Ratesetter business.

The trustees running this trust on behalf of the lenders need to publish a regular independent report about how well the trust is funded and performing, compared to the Trust's objectives?

Where is the link on the Ratesetters site to the annual accounts of this trust. Do Ratesetter or the provisional fund finance its operation?

If the cash in this fund and the trust that holds & manages it has been transferred to a new trust within just a couple of years of operation. Shouldn't this press release mention why and the lenders be told?

(I continue to lend via Ratesetters, I'm questioning the lack of full, transparent information on their website, rather than their operations)
26/03/13 @ 11:27