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Comment from: Dave Martyn [Visitor]
Dave MartynI must beg to differ about Rate Setter.

The rates have been appalling for some time now, see my comment dated 30/11/12 when rates for monthly access were 2.2% and they have subsequently fallen even lower, whilst 1 year loans were attracting only 3.2% as recently as yesterday, 7/1/13.

It’s still possible to achieve better instant access rates with some bank and building societies therefore my money is staying with those institutions until I see better rates on RS. After all, I’m an investor looking to make money, not a charity!

I sincerely hope that your forecast of increased demand for loans will push rates higher proves correct.
08/01/13 @ 21:55
Comment from: Steve Davis [Visitor]
Steve DavisThe low rates are likely to persist while the government insists on breaking up P2P lending by guaranteeing money, and some bidders having absolutely no intention of keeping the debt longer than it takes to resell it.

This leaves to much money chasing too little debt, plus some bidders seem happy to lend at negative interest rates.
26/01/13 @ 08:04