Category: Lending

TrustBuddy closed

October 13th, 2015
One of the leading European peer-to-peer companies, TrustBuddy, has announced that it has closed following "suspected misconduct within the company".  Some staff have been suspended and all current and former employees have had their lending accounts fr… more »

First Buy2LetCars loans complete

October 5th, 2015
The very first individuals who lent through Buy2LetCars have received their final repayment on their loans.  These individuals will have received 33% interest over 3 years.  New lenders can achieve an amazing 14.65% AER over 3 years.  The P2P money webs… more »


September 24th, 2015
Unbolted is a new peer-to-peer company that lends against assets.  That is not too different than a large number of peer-to-peer companies, but Unbolted is slightly different.  There are two types of loans, one secured against assets (in a similar way t… more »

Funding Circle changes anger some lenders

September 8th, 2015
Funding Circle
Funding Circle's recent announcement has certainly angered some lenders.  A poll we put together on the P2P Independent Forum suggested around 85% of lenders voted that they did not welcome this change. So what are Funding Circle are going to do?  It h… more »

Funding Circle change lending model

September 2nd, 2015
Funding Circle
Funding Circle, the leading peer-to-business provider in the UK, has announced that it is moving away from the current auction model for unsecured loans.  This will be replaced with a market with fixed rates per risk band per lending term, and lenders w… more »