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Funding Circle launch first property loan

April 14th, 2014
Funding Circle
True to their word, Funding Circle have low launched their first property loan today.  This is an A+ risk band with a first charge on the property as security.  The interest rate is fixed at 8.5% for lenders, but Funding Circle are offering 2% cashback… more »

Funding Circle cashback on property loan

April 8th, 2014
Funding Circle
Funding Circle, already offering a 1% cashback on all loans over £75,000, are now going to be introducing 2% cashback on a new commercial property loan.  The loan is at a fixed rate of 8.5% (before fees) which is comparible to the average lending rate i… more »

Companies break milestones

April 1st, 2014
There have been three companies breaking important milestones, all within a very short period of time.  Zopa, the first peer-to-peer provider in the world, have just passed the £500million mark in arranged.  Funding Circle recently have passed the £250m… more »

Peer-to-peer lending in an ISA

March 20th, 2014
P2P Money
The P2P money website broke the news yesterday on Twitter that peer-to-peer lending was to be included in an ISA. "Thelist of qualifying investments of ISAs will be extended to include peer-to-peer loans" #p2plending #Budget2014 pic.twitter.c… more »

My peer-to-peer story

February 27th, 2014
I was really looking forward to speaking at the P2P Finance Association conferance on Tuesday, but unfortunately the flu had other plans for me! My peer-to-peer story began in 2005 when I read an article about a new website where you could lend direc… more »