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Funding Circle raise minimum lending rates

June 24th, 2013
Funding Circle
Funding Circle have raised the minimum lending rate from 4% to between 6% and 10.5% depending on the market.  Funding Circle state this change will "promote a sustainable marketplace for both investors and businesses".  This suggests that the lending ra… more »

A busy year in P2P lending

May 15th, 2013
The year 2013 is proving to be a monumental year for peer-to-peer lending, with lots of companies looking to launch within this space.  Are these companies simply jumping on the bandwagon or are bringing anything new ? The UK peer-to-peer market is gro… more »

Funding Circle and RateSetter win awards

May 10th, 2013
Funding Circle
Funding Circle and RateSetter, two of the leading P2P companies in the UK, have won awards in the CreditToday awards. Funding Circle won the Alternative Lender of the Year (Commercial) and RateSetter the Alternative Lender of the Year (Consumer).  This… more »

FundingKnight loan exchange

April 26th, 2013
FundingKnight lenders purchasing loans on the loan exachange are receiving on average an 11.4% return before bad debt.  Loan parts are available from £25 to over £1000.  One unique selling point with the FundingKnight loan exchange is the ability for a… more »

Government lending through Funding Circle

March 25th, 2013
Funding Circle
Funding Circle have announced that the UK government have started to lend through Funding Circle as of today. Here is their full statement, repeated on the Funding Circle forum: Today, we’re pleased to confirm that the process with the Department fo… more »