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Should P2P platforms cross-sell?

October 13th, 2016
During LendIt Europe Cormac Leech, Principle at Victory Park Capital Advisors, suggested that peer-to-peer lending companies should take advantage of cross selling which is an untapped source of revenue. Once banks have acquired customers they will typ… more »

LendingWorks become first fully authorised major platform

October 13th, 2016
Lending Works
Lending Works has become the first major peer-t0-peer lending platform and P2P Finance Association member to obtain full authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority.  LendingWorks have also announced that their ISA will be launched in January, co… more »

SavingStream confirm lower lending rates

October 13th, 2016
Saving Stream
Saving Stream has confirmed that it will be offering lower lending rates from Monday 17th October.  Some loans will still be offered at 12%, but others will be below 12%.  The team at Saving Stream confirmed at LendIt Europe that they were considering t… more »

LendIt Europe 2016 Day 2

October 12th, 2016
Following an eventful day 1 of LendIt Europe 2016, the second day stated with opening remarks by Peter Renton, CEO and Co-Founder of LendIt. Peter stated that one of the big standouts of the industry is the passion.  How true. The state of marketplace… more »

P2P Finance Association publishes study of peer-to-peer lending

October 10th, 2016
P2P Finance Association
The Peer-to-Peer Finance Association has published an independent assessment of the economics of peer-to-peer lending sector undertaken by economic consulting firm Oxera. The study was commissioned to inform debate through the provision of an in-depth… more »