New entrants in the P2P market

March 20th, 2013

The first quarter of 2013 has brought no less than four new entrants to the P2P market, and there are at least two more companies preparing to launch.  These new entrants are Mayfair Bridging who specialize in bridging loans, Folk2Folk who specialize in commercial and buy-to-let mortgages, Assetz Capital who specialize in loans to small and medium enterprises and Funding Secured who specialize in secured lending to businesses.  The two companies still in the pre-launch phase are CivilisedMoney and Lend Loan Invest, who we have mentioned previously.

From the lender's perspective, Mayfair Bridging, Folk2Folk and Funding Secured are all targeting the higher net worth individuals, whereas Assetz Capital, Civilised Money and Lend Loan Invest are targeting the "retail lender" with minimum loan amounts in the tens of pounds rather than the tens of thousands of pounds.

Details of Mayfair Bridging and Folk2Folk are shown on the companies page of the P2P money website, and details of the others will be available shortly.

This is proving to be an exciting year for peer-to-peer lending with an industry that is growing at a huge rate compared with the economy as a whole.

Funding Circle passes the £80million mark

February 27th, 2013
Funding Circle

Funding Circle have passed another milestone by arranging a total of £80million in peer-to-business loans.  It was back in September 2012 when they broke the £50million mark.  Back then we calculated they were growing at a phenomenal 240% per annum.  We can now revise down this growth to 160% per annum, but this is still an amazing figure given the economical climate.

We can also publish that also in the last 5 months the peer-to-peer industry in the UK was growing at a rate of 90% per annum (this figure is based upon outstanding loan capital between September 2012 and February 2013).  This must be the one growth market within the financial services sector.

Folk2Folk offer mortgages on non-residential property

February 19th, 2013

A new peer-to-peer company, Folk2Folk, has launched that offers secured loans on non-residential property to individuals and businesses in the South West (Cornwall and West Devon).  They are targetting individuals who are able to lend £25,000 and above (which matches Mayfair Bridging who offer short term bridging loans).

Some examples of loans could be for:

  • Residential Buy to Let
  • Holiday Homes
  • Commercial or industrial premises
  • Farms
  • Agricultural land

 Here is a copy of their statement on their newsroom:

February sees the launch of Folk2Folk, a peer-to-peer platform that has been set up by the partners of a long established law firm in Cornwall.  Folk2Folk provides local, fast secured lending by putting those that wish to lend and obtain a decent return in touch with those that wish to borrow on flexible interest only terms.

Folk2Folk can provide access to finance within seven to ten days provided borrowers can provide suitable security in the way of a first legal charge over property (other than a borrower’s home).

Unlike other peer-to-peer platforms, Folk2Folk is asking for minimum sums of £25,000 (no maximum amount) from investors/lenders.  Lenders seem very happy to advance significant funds on the basis that their investment is protected by a first ranking legal charge.

As with other peer-to-peer lending platforms, borrowers have been very carefully selected and Folk2Folk is taking steps to verify that borrowers’ properties are suitable security.

Where banks may take months to process a secured loan, Folk2Folk can turn this around within seven to ten days.

Interestingly, Folk2Folk also offers “a local touch” in both having premises (as well as a full web platform) and drawing upon a significant amount of local knowledge as part of their vetting process.

For investors interested in this secured lending platform or for borrowers who are able to put forward suitable property and wish to obtain fast and flexible borrowing, please visit where more details can be found.

We will be adding Folk2Folk to the list of peer-to-peer companies as soon as we can. to expand

February 19th, 2013

The peer-to-business company are looking at expanding their portfolio by offering loans to other companies.  Currently only arrange loans for The Danwood Group Ltd.

Here is their full statement:

Having looked at the feedback we have received from lenders and discussions with a variety of businesses we have made a few tweaks to the model we operated last year.  We are busy meeting with new suppliers in a variety of industries and funding options, and working with them to develop what we believe are some very attractive opportunities for lenders, with loan terms from just 3 months to 5 years, good rates of return and all investment grade or equivalent in risk rating. We will contact you again with further details in the coming weeks. offer loans secured on assets and supply agreements, and to date have not experienced any late payments or defaults.  We look forward to these changes with interest.

ReBuildingSociety arranges first loans

February 19th, 2013

The peer-to-business company ReBuildingSociety have successfully arranged their first two loans for £55k with lenders rates ranging from 6% to 15% per annum.

Daniel Rajkumar, the founder of ReBuildingSociety stated:

We’re delighted to have facilitated these two loans.  Our proposition is simple – through our platform we connect profitable businesses that want a loan with individuals who want to earn a good rate of return on their capital by lending as part of a crowd.

Borrowers are UK businesses of all sizes.  Their biggest barrier to growth is finance, but with alternative sources like emerging, there is no reason why well-run businesses should have their growth plans curbed.

ReBuildingSociety currently has six businesses looking for funds at the moment, with requests totalling nearly £250,000.  Lenders on other sites looking for better rates should not overlook ReBuildingSociety.