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Funding Circle passes the £80million mark

February 27th, 2013
Funding Circle
Funding Circle have passed another milestone by arranging a total of £80million in peer-to-business loans.  It was back in September 2012 when they broke the £50million mark.  Back then we calculated they were growing at a phenomenal 240% per annum.  We… more »

Folk2Folk offer mortgages on non-residential property

February 19th, 2013
A new peer-to-peer company, Folk2Folk, has launched that offers secured loans on non-residential property to individuals and businesses in the South West (Cornwall and West Devon).  They are targetting individuals who are able to lend £25,000 and above… more » to expand

February 19th, 2013
The peer-to-business company are looking at expanding their portfolio by offering loans to other companies.  Currently have only arranged loans with The Danwood Group Ltd. Here is their full statement: Having looked at the fe… more »

ReBuildingSociety arranges first loans

February 19th, 2013
The peer-to-business company ReBuildingSociety have successfully arranged their first two loans for £55k with lenders rates ranging from 6% to 15% per annum. Daniel Rajkumar, the founder of ReBuildingSociety stated: We’re delighted to have facilitat… more »

Where should P2P newcomers begin?

February 17th, 2013
This week’s TV coverage of peer to peer lending will spark off a whole new wave of interest in P2P platforms – or at least it will if the visitor stats on this website are a good barometer for public interest. That got me thinking about the best way fo… more »